What Are The Types Of Scaffoldings Used In Construction?

There are a number of different types of scaffoldings out there that are used in construction, they each serve a different purpose and can help with different types of construction or during different stages of construction. The main types of scaffoldings that that you will generally see during construction tend to be trestle, single, double, patented, steel and cantilever. Read on below to find out what each type is and why you would use it. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the purpose and uses for scaffoldings as this helps to ensure a safer working environment and ensures that materials and equipment are used in the proper way.

Scaffoldings are a non-permanent structure that are erected to be used as platforms for employees to work on when constructing or working on another structure. In the construction industry, this is usually when a new building is being built (and there’s no structure in place to stand on) or when substantial renovations and changes are being made to an existing structure. Working on scaffoldings can be high risk so it’s essential that they are erected properly and that safety measures are in place. Here are a few of the types you can expect to see;



As you might guess this type of structure involves suspending scaffoldings on a tripod structure that often includes moveable ladders. This type of structure is usually used indoors for projects like repairs or painting that don’t require great height.




This type of structure is built with steel. It is extremely sturdy and good for construction projects because of its strength and fire resistance but it can come with a higher cost than many other types of scaffoldings. This type of structure is usually used when construction is taking place outside or for large structures.



This type of structure also uses steel but usually involves a system which allows the structure to be fitted together quickly and simply. These systems are designed to make installation quick and extremely simple with specialty couplings and frames. The work platform can be set up on brackets and easily moved up or down as required.



This type of structure is most often used for repairs or painting. It works well on jobs where the height needs to be repeatedly adjusted. This system used ropes and chains attached to the work platform to allow the height of the platform to be easily adjusted.



This is often also called ‘single frame’ and involves a platform which is held up by a chain of needles which are embedded in a wall or supported by the floors of double frame scaffolding. This type of structure must be very carefully used and strict safety protocols must be followed.


Single frame

This is one of the older types of structure and it is popular when brick masonry is being performed. This is usually set up to link to the wall at a fixed distance. It must be carefully set up to ensure that it is sturdy enough to support workers.


Double frame

The double frame also sometimes called independent structures are usually used for stone masonry. Two structures are erected to ensure that there is a sturdy workspace. They are often made extra sturdy with cross braces. This is popular for stone and it’s difficult to put holes in stone to secure it so putlogs aren’t a good option.


It’s essential to pick the appropriate structure for the construction project you are undertaking and to ensure that safety measures are carefully adhered to.

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